Galvanized sheets

Galvanized sheets


Steel grade: Z275

Galvanized sheets are construction materials that are very much in demand; they are such materials, which are notable for their high quality, reliability and durability. They are widely used in industrial and civil construction due to their two main qualities, namely their resistance to corrosion and good outer appearance. Galvanised steel, particularly galvanised sheets, is very often used in manufacturing metal structures. It is also important to note that galvanised sheets become the basis for rolled metal products of various types. Strips, squares and circles are cut from them. The material used to manufacture galvanised sheets is carbon cold-rolled coiled steel.
The price of galvanised sheets depends on a number of parameters:

  • Width and length. The larger the area of galvanised sheet, the more expensive it is.
  • Thickness. A thicker galvanised sheet is more expensive.
  • The number of items in the order. It is economically advantageous to buy large quantities of galvanised sheets.

We do not overprice galvanised rolled products, thanks to which everyone wishing to buy metal can do so. Our company only offers such sheets that meet all the established quality standards.

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Galvanized sheets

Sheets galvanized
Sizes mm
Steel Sheet sizes: thickness, width, height, sheet brand Weight kg/pcs
Sheet Galvanized 0.5*1250*2500 DX51 Z275MAC 12.5
Sheet Galvanized 0.5*1500*3000 DX51 Z275MAC 18
Sheet Galvanized 0.7*1250*2500 DX51 Z275MAC 17.5
Sheet Galvanized 0.7*1500*3000 DX51 Z275MAC 25.2
Sheet Galvanized 0.8*1250*2500 DX51 Z275MAC 20
Sheet Galvanized 0.8*1500*3000 DX51 Z275MAC 28.8
Sheet Galvanized 1.0*1250*2500 DX51 Z275MAC 25
Sheet Galvanized 1.0*1500*3000 DX51 Z275MAC 36
Sheet Galvanized 1.2*1250*2500 DX51 Z275MAC 30
Sheet Galvanized 1.2*1500*3000 DX51 Z275MAC 43.2
Sheet Galvanized 1.5*1250*2500 DX51 Z275MAC 37.5
Sheet Galvanized 1.5*1500*3000 DX51 Z275MAC 54
Sheet Galvanized 2.0*1250*2500 DX51 Z275MAC 50
Sheet Galvanized 2.0*1500*3000 DX51 Z275MAC 72
Sheet Galvanized 2.5*1250*2500 DX51 Z275MAC 62.5
Sheet Galvanized 2.5*1500*3000 DX51 Z275MAC 90
Sheet Galvanized 3.0*1250*2500 DX51 Z275MAC 75
Sheet Galvanized 3.0*1500*3000 DX51 Z275MAC 108
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